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  • Pre-Conference Sessions
  • Suzanne Applegate , RN, MSN

    Suzanne Applegate, RN, MSN, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing, Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University obtained her degrees from the University of Kentucky. She has served as a clinical instructor and assistant professor of nursing, teaching in the areas of adult health and high acuity nursing. She has also taught courses in health assessment, community, leadership and a variety of skills and assessment labs. Her practices areas have been primarily in critical care and PACU. Since becoming a fulltime member of the lab faculty at Georgia Baptist College of Nursing, Suzanne has been able to work with students at all levels in each clinical course. She has developed and revised a variety of simulations, ranging from static manikins to high fidelity simulations. In addition, Suzanne has learned programming, set-up, how to run simulations on the fly and so much more. Suzanne is also part of the Educational Resources and Technology Committee that addresses the needs of students in the learning lab as well as technology throughout campus.


    • Countdown to Graduation! 10 Students…4 Patients, 3 Faculty, 2 hours and 1 multi-patient simulation!!!
    • Magically Bringing Human Pathophysiology and Pharmacological Principles to Life